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Revised plans for the regeneration of the disused and largely run down former Pendower Beach House Hotel on the Roseland Peninsula were submitted to Cornwall Council on 02 February 2024. Scaled back from those submitted in the original 2020 planning application, the new plans are 25% smaller in size.

To see the New Planning Submission, please use the following link:

Planning Register Submission Documents

Viability and Need

As part of the planning process for the regeneration of the site at Pendower, a number of scenarios for the former Pendower Beach House Hotel have been considered.

This includes:

– Scenario 1: Redevelopment of hotel site with new-build as an apartment hotel to include the 23 apartment suites, including refurbishment of farmhouse.

– Scenario 2: Refurbishment of the existing hotel buildings as an apartment hotel

– Scenario 3: Refurbishment of the hotel site within the same envelope being considered in Scenario 1 as a conventional hotel operation

Savills independently assessed each in turn as part of a Viability Assessment report. This concluded that both the conventional hotel model, and the apart-hotel model limited to the old hotel footprint, would lead to losses/negative land value, making neither option viable.

By comparison, the apart-hotel model put forward, which is 25% smaller in the scale than the original 2020 proposals, has been assessed as delivering ‘the minimum quantum of development required to deliver an economically viable scheme’ which ‘is of an appropriate scale to its location and will provide a well-balanced mix of economic, social and environmental benefits on the existing, previously developed brownfield Pendower Beach Hotel site.’

Combined with the proposed restaurant, cafe and beach shop, the plans put forward deliver both to the needs of coast path walkers, and cyclists, as well as visitors staying at the apart-hotel.  This will breathe new life into the former hotel and deliver considerable environmental benefits to the site, as well as bringing economic benefit to the local area, which will otherwise be lost

For fuller detail on the Savills Viability Assessment report, and for an overview of the Demand Report produced by the South West Research Company, please view the following link.

Viability and Demand Reports overview

Previous Planning Application submitted To Cornwall Council On 30th April 2020

Date: 12/05/2020

The Planning Application submitted to Cornwall Council on 30th April 2020 was subsequently withdrawn and a new Planning application and Environmental Impact Assessment has now been submitted.

The 2024 full planning application and information on the formal planning consultation by Cornwall Council is available to view on the Cornwall Council Planning portal:

Planning Register Submission Documents

The 2020 planning application can be accessed here although the documents have been removed:

2020 planning application

The Roseland Neighbourhood Plan

The neighbourhood plan has been extensively referred to throughout the re-design for the Pendower Beach development. Please click on the link below for more information.

Roseland Neighbourhood Plan

Existing buildings

Date: 26/02/2019

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